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Argo (Ben Affleck, 2012) review

November 19, 2012

Argo represents an excellent thriller and historical document from 32 years ago. After the Shah of Iran was deposed the decision by the US to offer him sanctuary infuriated Islamic fundamentalists and they stormed the embassy in Tehran. Hostages were taken but 6 escape to the temporary sanctuary of the Canadian embassy. It’s only a matter of time that shredded documents, including their photographs, are pieced back together (if you can believe that one) and the Iranian authorities know they don’t have all of the staff in captivity. They are angrier than an aggrieved clan of Albanians that you’ll find in Taken 2….
The CIA have no viable plan to spring the 6 out, let alone recapture their own embassy. The impressive Affleck, playing Tony Mendez, comes up with the best bad idea…to create a film project and pretend the 6 belong to a Canadian production team working on the fictitious sci-fi flick, Argo. Mendez enlists the help of the superb John Goodman (as Academy costume design winner, John Chambers) and Hollywood producer Lester Siegel ( Alan Arkin) to set up the production.
Giving away nothing, the climax of the film is every bit as tense as The Last King of Scotland (Macdonald, 2006) and the explanation of why the film is called Argo is one of the most memorable in modern day cinema! A fine film, enjoy!Image


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